Theta Tau's New house

by devinl 16. May 2012 14:44
Posted by Devin Liskey
Senior, Industrial and Systems Engineering

Ohio University’s chapter of Theta Tau, Rho Beta, just bought its first house. It has been several years in the works but we finally have one. Below is a picture of our chapter in front of the garage after we held our first chapter meeting at the house.

The house is at 34 Shafer Street, which is close to West Green and Stocker/ARC.

To save on clean up and repair costs we have had two work days at the house to remove wallpaper, appliances, and any other messes. This week our Housing Committee Alumni are coming down to inspect the house and make more decisions on how to fix up the place. We will also be holding a cookout and a classy yard party to christen the house.

The house will only be available for rent to Theta Tau members. This palatial abode is just one more reason to join the oldest engineering organization, in addition to a wide network of engineers that spans all majors.

Busy Spring Quarter

by leeshab 10. May 2012 23:24
Posted by Leesha Blake
Senior, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering

Spring quarter has been busy, but fun. My family came to visit two weekends ago for the Athens triathelon. My dad and my brother both competed. My mom and I had to get up really early to watch them compete, but it was still fun. They did really well; my brother even got first place in his age division! Last weekend was moms’ weekend, and my mom and I got to do a lot of fun stuff, like shopping and watching movies. We have also been doing a lot to get ready for graduation. Some of my family is coming to see graduation, and we are going to have a cookout at my apartment after the ceremony. I am really excited to see everyone.

I still have a lot to do in the meantime, though. Next weekend is the spring Tau Beta Pi induction, and since I am an officer, I get to help induct the new initiates. Tau Beta Pi is the engineering honor society, and we are getting ready to start some pretty fun stuff for next year, like volunteer work, tutoring sessions, and even some fun social activities.

I’ve also been doing a lot to get ready to go to graduate school. I already started research on my first grad school project, and I am registered to present my project at an American Institute of Chemical Engineers conference in the fall. All in all, it has been a busy but fun quarter, and I have a lot to look forward to as I get ready for graduation and moving on to grad school.

Last Quarter at OU

by jeffg 23. April 2012 12:16
Posted by Jeff Guynes
Senior, Aviation

Winter is gone and Spring has arrived for my last quarter in Athens at OU. It is already week five of our ten week quarter! Time flies when you are busy, which I have been. Between taking a full load of classes, preparing for our national flight team competition, and applying for jobs it doesn't seem like I have any free time.

Applying for jobs is one of the most exciting things I have done since starting at OU. Finally, all of the hard work and training in the past four years is useful! OU and the aviation department have prepared me very well to enter the real world and the world of commercial aviation. I am currently applying to seven regional airlines, and hopefully having some interviews toward the end of the quarter.

Check back later in the quarter to hear more about my job seach and the national flight team competition!

Spring Break in San Diego

by abbyf 28. March 2012 16:44
Posted by Abby Frankart
Senior, Mechanical Engineering

This spring break I had the opportunity to travel with several of my fellow Robe Leadership scholars to Sunny San Diego! We spent two intense days speaking with CEOs of several startup companies, touring their facilities, and learning about leadership “in the trenches.” It was a lot of a fun and a really great learning experience.

The most memorable part of the trip however, was visiting the engineer’s playground: the USS Midway. It is a retired aircraft carrier turned museum anchored on the San Diego bay. The carrier was decommissioned in 1992, and is now staffed with volunteers who toured on the Midway.

It was a really great piece of history, but on top of that there are lots of things for an engineer to play with. It was a self-guided tour, and we took full advantage of pressing every button, turning every valve, and flipping every switch within arm’s length. On the flight deck, there were planes and helicopters everywhere. You could climb in the pilot’s seat in many of the aircraft. (I may or may not have cut a line of anxious 8-year-olds on a field trip to get in the pilot’s seat.) The USS Midway is a must see for anyone in the San Diego area.

The Truth About Professors

by jessicab 15. March 2012 17:37
Posted by Jessica Borer
Senior, Electrical Engineering

Every time a student fills out a course evaluation for an engineering professor, they have the chance of nominating them for the award of Outstanding Professor. The Engineering Ambassadors get the privilege of interviewing the nominees from each program. Not only did this give me a chance to meet professors from other majors but I learned quite a bit about the different roles a professor has. Obviously professors have to make lesson plans and grade our homework and exams but they also need to do research in their specializations. Many of them are also involved with numerous other activities: they have administrative roles within the college, are advisors for university groups, and on top of all this they all have a group of students that they are advisors to personally. They’re just as busy as we are.

One of the questions in the interview process was how they balance all their different roles. The amazing thing about Ohio University is that every single professor we asked said that teaching is their number one priority and all their other responsibilities come after that. This is apparent in almost every class I’ve taken here. Every professor tries to make sure that every student knows they are more than welcome to come to their office any time and ask questions they have about the class or anything else they may be wondering about. OU Professors try their hardest to make sure the students get everything they need to succeed not only in their class but in college. They are a big part of what makes Ohio University so great for undergraduate students.

Flight Lesson Raffle

by nicoles 13. February 2012 10:29
Posted by Nicole Sari
Senior, Aviation

The Women in Aviation International Conference is coming up in just a few weeks and we are still putting in efforts to fund raise for the conference. We are raffling off a free flight lesson! No prior flying experience is necessary. The winner will get to fly over campus with an instructorgiving them the chance to see campus from the skies and experience flying. Our group will have a table set up at Baker Center on 2/21, 2/23, and 2/28 to sell tickets. Tickets will be one for $1 or 6 for $5. The hour of flight time is a $150 value plus the instruction time. For only $1 you could win this experience. Once the winner is chosen they will personally get to schedule a flight time with an instructor. The winner gets to schedule the flight on their own time around their class schedule.

With the conference coming up in just a few weeks, this is one of the last fundraising attempts we can fit in. The money raised will go towards lowering each member's total conference cost. In previous years, the conference has been completely covered by our fundraising. This year we have a lot of new members and it is the largest group yet to attend the conference. Even with all the new members, we just barely meet the member requirements to be considered a chapter of Women in Aviation. Since there are so many people going, it is the largest out-of-pocket cost that we have had and we need all the help we can get for being such a small group.

I'm looking forward to this fund raiser. In my time at OU this is the first time we are raffling a flight! I feel really good about this one.

Preparing for Steel Bridge Competition

by ivanc 12. February 2012 20:20
Posted by Ivan Caballero
Senior, Civil Engineering

It’s starting to get closer and closer for the Ohio Valley Student Conference (OVSC) which is a competition amongst different colleges. Our ASCE organization participates in this competition every year, and I’m currently a part of the steel bridge team. During this quarter the team was able to finish the design of our bridge, and all that was left was to build it. Since mostly everyone in the team is having a busy winter quarter, it was decided to just build the bridge in a weekend. This past weekend a group of us headed to our team captain’s house to build the bridge. In a span of about one and half days we were able to construct most of the bridge with only a few more welds left to do. All in all it was a successful weekend and all there is left to do is practice constructing our bridge before the competition. With a few practice runs in this year I’m pretty confident on our chances to doing well. Enjoy the pics.

Taco Tuesdays

by jessicab 27. January 2012 23:23
Posted by Jessica Borer
Senior, Electrical Engineering

One of the great things about college is all the different clubs you can join. About a year ago I was walking through the ARC (Academic and Research Center, one of the engineering buildings) and I saw a group selling walking tacos. They called it Taco Thursdays. I thought it was a pretty cool idea, sell snack food in a building where students spend the majority of their day. The people selling them even seemed to be having a good time.

It turns out that the group was the student chapter of IEEE, or the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, the professional society for electrical engineers. A few months later I went to one of their general body meetings and quickly became a co-fundraising chair for the group. I had no idea what I was getting myself into but I was essentially in charge of Taco Thursdays. It was pretty cool, I was in a group with a few of my friends from class and I got to meet some older EE students and hear about their experiences with the classes and teachers that I’ll soon be taking.

It is also a great way to meet professionals in my field. There are thousands of professionals in IEEE and when I meet them, the fact that I’m a member will make me stand out. Being a part of the group will not only look good on a resume but also help a lot in school. The IEEE society has a library full of journals and article over thousands of topics related to electrical engineering. I can search it any time even if I’m not a member and use it for any papers or research topics.

If you’re not an electrical engineer that’s not a problem, there’s a professional society for any engineering field and a student chapter at OU for each. They all have interesting fundraisers like Taco Thursdays, and all groups will give you an edge after college. They are also great opportunities to meet new people--every quarter we have an end of the quarter party, and even some of our professors show up. We all hang out and get to relax from our school work. I regret that I waited until the end of my sophomore year to join the group; I suggest keeping an eye out for notifications of meetings and opportunities to join!

Theta Tau Initiation and Activities

by devinl 18. January 2012 20:15
Posted by Devin Liskey
Senior, Industrial and Systems Engineering

Winter quarter is a busy time for engineers in Theta Tau, a professional engineering fraternity. Twelve new pledges were just inducted this past weekend. Below is a picture of the new pledge class with some active members in front of the Stocker Center

This weekend Theta Tau will be hosting its annual chili cook off for Dad’s Weekend. Teams of three will compete to concoct the best pot of chili. Everything from the traditional to the bizarre has made it to the judges table. College dads taste each recipe and pick a favorite. Last year’s winner won a small trophy and year-long bragging rights. In three days those bragging rights will expire. Hopefully this time around my team will be able to produce a better pot of beans than last year and bring home the trophy (fingers crossed).

In a few weeks the winter rush will begin. We will be setting out our rush tables in Stocker and the ARC for students who are interested in joining. Some of the aspects of Theta Tau include community service, an emphasis on professional development, outdoor and group activities, social events, and help with classwork. I’ve been in OT since my freshman year and have enjoyed the experience.

Women in Aviation Conference 2012

by nicoles 17. January 2012 09:55
Posted by Nicole Sari
Senior, Aviation

The 23rd annual International Women in Aviation Conference is coming up very quickly. This year’s conference will be held in Dallas, Texas. This will be my third conference that I have attended. Previous conferences have been held in Disney World and Reno, Nevada. The conference is March 8-10 at the Hilton Anatole just minutes from downtown.

More than 3000 aviation professionals, both men and women, will be attending. The conference consists of speakers, an extensive exhibit hall, unlimited networking opportunities, and the opportunity to find your dream job. Although our group has grown since last year, it is a struggle to fund raise to attend this event. In previous years we have successfully earned enough money to pay our way. There will be approximately 470 exhibitors at the conference. Some examples of the attendees are Airbus, Boeing, Southwest Airlines, Alaska Airlines, Delta, UPS Air, and all branches of the military. All companies are eager to meet college students excited about starting their career. As a senior, I’m especially excited about the conference this year to scope out potential career opportunities and make connections with aviation professionals who can serve as mentors.

We are continuously trying to come up with new fund raising ideas. Some examples of our fund raising includes selling chocolate airplanes, selling food at the flight team competition, and selling homemade aprons at local craft shows. From now until March is crunch time in finding ways to make the conference an affordable reality for all members of our Ohio University WAI branch.

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