Last Quarter at OU

by jeffg 23. April 2012 12:16
Posted by Jeff Guynes
Senior, Aviation

Winter is gone and Spring has arrived for my last quarter in Athens at OU. It is already week five of our ten week quarter! Time flies when you are busy, which I have been. Between taking a full load of classes, preparing for our national flight team competition, and applying for jobs it doesn't seem like I have any free time.

Applying for jobs is one of the most exciting things I have done since starting at OU. Finally, all of the hard work and training in the past four years is useful! OU and the aviation department have prepared me very well to enter the real world and the world of commercial aviation. I am currently applying to seven regional airlines, and hopefully having some interviews toward the end of the quarter.

Check back later in the quarter to hear more about my job seach and the national flight team competition!

Getting Ready for a New Job

by nicoles 4. March 2012 22:23
Posted by Nicole Sari
Senior, Aviation

As of today I have 13 days left of college. I have been counting down the days for the past 3 months. A week ago I was extremely stressed about job searching and wanted to turn the clock back a tad to buy more time. I was busy with a full schedule of classes and stayed up extremely late night after night job searching on top of that. Over winter break I had interviewed a couple times for a position. They were unable to hire me because since it was full time and they needed someone right away, they were unable to wait until I finished up with school. I was getting discouraged and heard from multiple people that chances are slim to none finding a job in my field with this economy. A week ago that same company called me back and wanted to bring me back in because a position opened up.

I am now a proud owner of a full time job at Landmark Aviation at Port Columbus International Airport. All of my worries are now gone. Within a few days time I have gone from working a day or two a week at an on campus job to working 30 hours in one weekend. For the next couple weeks I will be working on the weekends for training. Once I return from spring break in Daytona Beach I will be working full time. With 3 days of work accomplished, I can say I love my job.

Flight Lesson Raffle

by nicoles 13. February 2012 10:29
Posted by Nicole Sari
Senior, Aviation

The Women in Aviation International Conference is coming up in just a few weeks and we are still putting in efforts to fund raise for the conference. We are raffling off a free flight lesson! No prior flying experience is necessary. The winner will get to fly over campus with an instructorgiving them the chance to see campus from the skies and experience flying. Our group will have a table set up at Baker Center on 2/21, 2/23, and 2/28 to sell tickets. Tickets will be one for $1 or 6 for $5. The hour of flight time is a $150 value plus the instruction time. For only $1 you could win this experience. Once the winner is chosen they will personally get to schedule a flight time with an instructor. The winner gets to schedule the flight on their own time around their class schedule.

With the conference coming up in just a few weeks, this is one of the last fundraising attempts we can fit in. The money raised will go towards lowering each member's total conference cost. In previous years, the conference has been completely covered by our fundraising. This year we have a lot of new members and it is the largest group yet to attend the conference. Even with all the new members, we just barely meet the member requirements to be considered a chapter of Women in Aviation. Since there are so many people going, it is the largest out-of-pocket cost that we have had and we need all the help we can get for being such a small group.

I'm looking forward to this fund raiser. In my time at OU this is the first time we are raffling a flight! I feel really good about this one.

Learning about Georgraphy

by jeffg 12. February 2012 10:25
Posted by Jeff Guynes
Senior, Aviation

Being an aviation major, it is important to know about the weather and environment around you. This gives me the chance to take a fair amount of geography classes, and I am in two this quarter. Geography isn’t just the study of where things are located on the planet, it is also the study of weather and our environment. I am taking both meteorology and environmental geography this quarter. Both classes have assigned midterm projects that really allow me to learn more about a certain topic.

In the meteorology class, we are tasked to look at a significant weather event from the recent past (tornado, hurricane, blizzard, etc.) and look more in depth to the conditions that caused the event. My group has decided to look at a tornado from Tuscaloosa, Arizona from a few years back. It is really a neat assignment to be able to determine the causes to this significant event.

In the environmental geography class, we were assigned to research food miles. Food miles are how far your food has traveled from its point of origin to your plate. We had to compare foods from Kroger to the local foods at the Athens Farmer’s Market. This was also a neat assignment. So many of the foods we think are “fresh” at supermarkets are actually one or two weeks old because of the distance they had to travel. This causes a lot of other effects like the burning of fossil fuels by the shipping of the food.

These are two of the neatest projects I have done at OU as a student. I really enjoy this about the classes at OU. It isn’t only lecture and test, but you get some real experience with the topic too.

Winter Quarter Classes

by jeffg 17. January 2012 22:52
Posted by Jeff Guynes
Senior, Aviation

Winter quarter has started, and things are kicking back into gear. The weather at school has been typical of Ohio, somewhere in between 20 F and 60 F in the past two weeks. But with new weather, come new adventures at school!

To kick off 2012 and my last Winter quarter at OU, I am taking two weather classes and continuing my classes in Spanish. So far I have blogged about Flight Team mostly, but now I want to give you a look into the actual school and education of an aviation major at OU. I am taking my second meteorology class and an aviation weather class. As you can imagine weather is a very important area of knowledge for pilots. I never thought I could know this much about the weather, and always find myself analyzing the current weather in Athens.

As far as the Spanish goes, that is not particularly important for a pilot. But it is something I enjoy to learn. I am glad that I have the extra time and flexibility in my schedule so that I can study Spanish. By the time I graduate in June, I will have completed a minor in Spanish. I already find myself able to communicate and read and write very effectively. I watch Spanish news shows almost every day. This helps me know what is going on and also improve on my skills.

The last new part of life for the new year is new work. I am flight instructing again at the airport and have 2 new students. One is a very new flight student with only 10 hours, and one is an advanced students with about 300 flight hours. Both are very enthusiastic and very rewarding to work with. One of the great perks to being an aviation major is awesome jobs while you are in school.

Women in Aviation Conference 2012

by nicoles 17. January 2012 09:55
Posted by Nicole Sari
Senior, Aviation

The 23rd annual International Women in Aviation Conference is coming up very quickly. This year’s conference will be held in Dallas, Texas. This will be my third conference that I have attended. Previous conferences have been held in Disney World and Reno, Nevada. The conference is March 8-10 at the Hilton Anatole just minutes from downtown.

More than 3000 aviation professionals, both men and women, will be attending. The conference consists of speakers, an extensive exhibit hall, unlimited networking opportunities, and the opportunity to find your dream job. Although our group has grown since last year, it is a struggle to fund raise to attend this event. In previous years we have successfully earned enough money to pay our way. There will be approximately 470 exhibitors at the conference. Some examples of the attendees are Airbus, Boeing, Southwest Airlines, Alaska Airlines, Delta, UPS Air, and all branches of the military. All companies are eager to meet college students excited about starting their career. As a senior, I’m especially excited about the conference this year to scope out potential career opportunities and make connections with aviation professionals who can serve as mentors.

We are continuously trying to come up with new fund raising ideas. Some examples of our fund raising includes selling chocolate airplanes, selling food at the flight team competition, and selling homemade aprons at local craft shows. From now until March is crunch time in finding ways to make the conference an affordable reality for all members of our Ohio University WAI branch.

O.A.R. Concert

by nicoles 2. November 2011 22:49
Posted by Nicole Sari
Senior, Aviation

I attended the O.A.R. concert last night here on the Ohio University campus. The concert was held in the Templeton Blackburn Alumni Memorial Auditorium. Tickets for the first ten rows were only $55 a piece. The picture appears farther away than we really were, but that’s the view from the 5th row.

The tour was to support their King album, which was released in early August. Songs included were “Shattered,” “This Town,” and “That was a Crazy Game of Poker.” I was almost extremely disappointed that they didn’t play Crazy Game of Poker, but they saved it until the very end.

O.A.R. formed at O.S.U. and O.U. contributed to them making it big. When they were starting out, they played at a lot of backyard and street parties at O.U. They eventually worked their way up and recently grabbed the #3 spot on the ITunes Album Chart Day of Release and #3 on the Billboard Digital Album Chart.

It was an awesome concert. After the concert we went to uptown to the PigSkin, where I got the chance to meet bass player Benj Gersham (left in photo) and guitarist Richard On (center in photo). After walking back and forth multiple times making sure it was really them, we stopped and talked to them. I was so star-struck I forgot to take a picture with them. We also thought we saw Jerry, the saxophone player. It turns out we said “good show!” and shook the hand of a random dude at the bar who very closely resembles Jerry.

TheOU Performing Arts website provides a calendar of upcoming events and tickets prices. Some recent and upcoming events include O.A.R., The Miles Davis Experience, Aziz Ansari, and Young Frankenstein. These concerts and performances are generally pretty affordable and only a short walk from your dorm or house on campus, which is great because you don’t have to deal with the normal hassles of being stuck in traffic and paying for parking when attending concerts.


2011 Flight Competition Results

by jeffg 31. October 2011 14:43
Posted by Jeff Guynes
Senior, Aviation

The past week has been very hectic. As I mentioned in my last blog post, I am the captain of the Ohio University Flying Bobcats, OU’s flight team. Over the past week we hosted the regional flight team competition here at OU’s airport. It was a very eventful and fun week with the other teams in town.

OU competed very well throughout the competition. We placed third overall in our region, placing first in flight events and third in ground events. Earning third place gives the Flying Bobcats a bid to the national competition in Salina, Kansas this Spring!

Personally I competed in the E6B event (an aviation math based test), the SCAN event (which tests the rules and regulations of aviation), both the power on and power off spot landing events, the message drop or bomb drop event, and the navigation event as well. I placed 6th in navigation, 6th in SCAN, 5th in the power on landing event, and 3rd in the power off landing event. I earned 39 points in total for the team. I had a great week competitng and can’t wait to start practice for the Spring National competition!

Preparing for Flight Competition

by jeffg 12. October 2011 23:14
Posted by Jeff Guynes
Senior, Aviation

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s a flying bobcat? I am the captain of OU’s flight team, the Flying Bobcats. We have been very busy as of late preparing for the regional flight team competition that will be hosted by us at OU from October 24-28. Four other schools will be coming to Athens to compete. They include Ohio State University, Kent State University, Western Michigan University, and the University of Cincinnati.

The competition includes both flight and ground events. The flight events include 2 spot landing events, a navigation event, and a message drop event. The two landing events are judged by determining which competitor can land closest to a line on the runway. The navigation event is judged by tracking a pre-planned flight path with a GPS unit in the planes. In the message drop event, competitors drop message containers from the air and try to hit a barrel.

The ground events include a series of knowledge based tests, a preflight event, and a simulator event. The manual flight computer event, commonly called the E6B event, is an aviation math like test, where the only tool you can use is the E6B flight computer. Simulated Comprehensive Aircraft Navigation (SCAN) tests your navigation planning skills and knowledge of aviation rules and regulations. The Aircraft Recognition event judges contestants' knowledge of aircraft by flashing pictures of them and asking the contestants to name the plane. In the simulator event, the contestants are given a pattern to fly with climbs, descents, and turns and are graded on how close they fly to the actual pattern. In the preflight event, a plane is “bugged” with things that make it not able to legally fly. The contestants have 15 minutes to go around the aircraft and find these “bugs.”

The higher you place in an event, the more points you earn for your team. The top three teams will move on to the national competition in the Spring. Look for my next blog post to see how I did, as well as the Flying Bobcats. Until then!

Work at the OU Golf and Tennis Center

by nicoles 8. October 2011 16:21
Posted by Nicole Sari
Senior, Aviation

I am lucky to be a part of the staff at the Ohio University Golf and Tennis Center. Thousands of students apply every quarter to be an employee at this facility. Just recently, the Golf and Tennis Center decided to increase the staff size to give more students the opportunity to balance class and work. This means fewer working hours for me, but it is important to Ohio University to provide students with a part time job for the opportunity to learn time management and budget skills. The facility is committed to improving the quality of life for students, faculty, and their families, as well as quality learning and employment experiences.

The golf course is a par 35, 9 hole course. The course is on both sides of the Hocking River and is gorgeous in the fall. OU students can play 9 holes of golf for as low as $7.00 with winter rates, and as low as $10.00 during the regular reason. Also on the grounds, there are indoor and outdoor tennis facilities. The outdoor courts are completely free for students with a swipe of your student I.D. The indoor courts are heated and can be used for a small fee.

The facility is open year round. As long as there isn’t any frost on the greens it is fair play. This is nice for those freak days in November when it’s 70 degrees.

I successfully balance working at the Golf and Tennis Center with a full class schedule. Every quarter, I submit my class schedule and my shifts are scheduled around my classes. It’s a great way to earn a paycheck without interfering with school. And free golf is a nice perk!

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