Ambassador Corporate Trip

by lingchongm 30. April 2012 23:25
Posted by Lingchong Mai
Senior, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering

During April 19-20, several of the Engineering Ambassadors had a wonderful corporate trip. The trip was to visit several manufacturing plants including Kenworth Truck, GE Lighting, and GE Aviation.

On Thursday morning we first visited Kenworth in Chillicothe. It is a large semi-truck assembly plant that assembles semi-truck to order. Now its capability is around 150 trucks per day, with more than a thousand employees working in the plant. There are more than 10 assembly groups with more than 50 assembly lines in the plant. It makes highly personalized semi-trucks according to customers’ requirements.

That afternoon, we went to GE Lighting in Circleville. That is one of the biggest GE lighting plant in the US. They make more than 30,000 of every kind of light bulbs per day. The production lines are highly automated, so the employees in the plant are mostly engineers and technicians. They work to monitor the machines and the products’ qualities, as well as some R&D stuff.

At night, we went to Cincinnati and had a wonderful dinner at Buca di Beppo.

On Friday, we had breakfast with Catherine Anbil, a very nice woman who set up her own business on system and software. She introduced her experience on her business and with her partner, and her early life.

After the enjoyable breakfast, we continued our trip to the last destination: GE Aviation. This was a long tour. We visited 4 different locations. Generally, we visited the labs that test the materials in different plane engines and we also got a chance to see how an engine was assembled, and how an engine works on a plane.

This trip was really an enjoyable trip that expands my horizon and lets me get to know more about the manufacturing in the US.


by ivanc 29. April 2012 23:20
Posted by Ivan Caballero
Senior, Civil Engineering

My last quarter here is fairly simple yet very enjoyable. One of the classes that I am enrolled for this quarter is recreational golf. This one-credit-hour class meets twice a week at the Ohio University driving range which is located on West State St. Each student is given a bucket of golf balls and a set of golf clubs provided by the university for the students who do not own a set of clubs.

Considering that I had never swung a golf club prior to taking this class, it has easily become one of my favorite classes. At first, I could hardly hit a ball 100 yards without it hooking wide right or left, but now I consider myself not too shabby. Golf now has become a hobby of mine and now I look forward to this class during the week. On a sunny day, nothing seems more relaxing than just hitting golf balls into the green.

Bicycling in Athens

by evant 24. April 2012 11:45
Posted by Evan Teske
Senior, Industrial and Systems Engineering

Since the weather has gotten warmer this quarter you’ll see way more bikers out around Athens. Although town is fairly hilly in parts, it’s actually really bike-friendly, especially with cars already constantly alert and aware of pedestrian traffic. Most streets have a bike lane, and every building has ample bike racks convenient to lock up.

Biking is definitely my preferred means of transportation, especially for getting to class. A walk from home to Stocker in the winter took me upwards of 15 minutes. On a bike I can get to class in less than five, with time to get coffee before class.

The best part about having a bike in Athens though, is the bike trail. The “Hockhocking Adena Biketrail” is a 19 mile biketrail stretching from East State Street to Nelsonville. Through town it runs along the Hocking River, through the golf course, and past Union Street towards The Plains. Nelsonville is about 14 miles from my house taking this route, and it took my roommate and me about an hour and 15 minutes each way. It’s perfect if you have friends to visit at Hocking College or if you’re like us and had an afternoon to spend outside.

ME Senior Design Update: 1000 Jobs/Haiti

by abbyf 24. April 2012 11:02
Posted by Abby Frankart
Senior, Mechanical Engineering

My senior design capstone project has taken almost 6 months to materialization. This past week we have completed manufacturing the most difficult part of our project. We took our project from customer need, to conceptual design, to manufactured prototype. It has been really rewarding to see this project from beginning to end.

Our project is to design a slow sand filter for the nonprofit organization 1000 Jobs/Haiti. Our filter can be manufactured in Haiti and all materials can be use locally. This will help 1000 Jobs reach its goal of not only creating and sustaining jobs, but the filter itself will provide clean water to many people who do not have access to it.

The filter is in a concrete housing. The varying layers of gravel and sand make the filter bed. This bed not only removes particulates, but over time a biological layer grows in the top layers of the filter bed which filters out harmful bacteria. Slow sand filter designs have seen up to 99.9% removal rates in e.coli and other coliforms.

The first picture is me grinding down some of the welds on part of the mold. The second picture is the finished concrete mold that can be reused for multiple filters.

Last Quarter at OU

by jeffg 23. April 2012 12:16
Posted by Jeff Guynes
Senior, Aviation

Winter is gone and Spring has arrived for my last quarter in Athens at OU. It is already week five of our ten week quarter! Time flies when you are busy, which I have been. Between taking a full load of classes, preparing for our national flight team competition, and applying for jobs it doesn't seem like I have any free time.

Applying for jobs is one of the most exciting things I have done since starting at OU. Finally, all of the hard work and training in the past four years is useful! OU and the aviation department have prepared me very well to enter the real world and the world of commercial aviation. I am currently applying to seven regional airlines, and hopefully having some interviews toward the end of the quarter.

Check back later in the quarter to hear more about my job seach and the national flight team competition!

Spring Activities in Athens

by dmasel 16. April 2012 10:13
Posted by Joe Schilling
Senior, Industrial and Systems Engineering

This is my last spring quarter in Athens and I am trying to make the most of it before I graduate. Once the weather starts getting nice there are so many things to do. One of my main hobbies is fishing, and Southern Ohio offers many opportunities for a daily fishing trip. Just right outside Ohio University is Lake Snowden and Strouds Run. Both of these lakes are stockpiled full of fish, and offer the best chance.

The picture above shows Lake Snowden which is located 5 miles west of Athens. The lake has great fishing, hiking trails, and boat rentals. That’s what I love about going to OU you can get out of class and be on the water within 10 minutes.

Another activity which many students including myself take advantage of is the Ohio University golf course. The course is a 9 hole course which lies along the Hocking river. It’s a fun course to play, and is fairly cheap for students. It is nice to have finished most of my coursework before my last quarter. I am able to relax and enjoy the few remaining weeks I have in Athens.

Spring Break with the Robe Leadership Institute

by devinl 12. April 2012 12:50
Posted by Devin Liskey
Senior, Industrial and Systems Engineering

This spring break I had the opportunity to travel to San Diego, California with Russ College’s Robe Leadership Institute. We visited three businesses a day for three days. We were given a personal tour by the CEO of each business and participated in an information and question panel after the tour. Each CEO had his own style and story and it was very interesting to hear how each had worked their way to their position.

After the three days, the group had some free time to explore. Below is a picture of a few of us on the USS Midway, a floating naval aviation museum. The ship was staffed completely by veterans who had served on similar ships. When we told a few of the guides that we were engineers, they were excited and talked with us in depth about the boilers and engines.

Getting Time for Classes out of Engineering

by ericb 11. April 2012 19:17
Posted by Eric Biggins
Senior, Engineering Technology and Management

Senior year as an engineering student can be quite hectic. Luckily for me though, I finished my senior capstone class last quarter and I am taking my very last engineering class right now. With so much extra time on my hands, I decided to enroll in a few 1-credit hour classes for fun as I finish up my senior year. I am taking golf, kayaking, and an astronomy lab, which are all very fun.

Ohio University offers many different classes for anyone to take, which is awesome. You can take so many classes like the ones I mentioned, plus bowling, fitness classes, wilderness survival, whitewater rafting, scuba diving and many more. One thing I would encourage other students to do is take classes like these for fun throughout their time at OU. It is a great way to unwind and take a step back from all the class work, which can get overwhelming at times.

I am very excited to be finishing my college career on a good note. It’s really nice to have extra time this quarter to reflect on the past four years at Ohio University, which have been the best I could have ever asked for.

The Ridges

by davidp 9. April 2012 23:13
Posted by David Parisi
Senior, Electrical Engineering

The Ridges is one of my favorite places in Athens. With the gorgeous weather we’ve been having I recently took a walk around the old mental health center to see if I could catch any ghosts. Unfortunately I didn't see any, but I did get to walk some of the paths through the woods and fields behind the building itself. Any time I have enough free time I head to the Ridges to explore.

The main building (seen below) is a massive structure that is breathtaking to look at.

There are many smaller buildings around it that are used as offices now. There is also an old abandoned tuberculosis ward that lies just above the cemetery. This as well as the main building are the ones that are “haunted.” I have never seen a ghost but I still venture there at night hoping to see one for myself.

The Ridges is currently used by the Ohio University College of Fine Arts, but from 1874-1993 it housed mentally ill patients. At its peak there were nearly 2000 patients being housed at one time. Some of the more gruesome treatments like lobotomies and shock therapy were performed here until drugs became the main treatment for mental illness. The Ridges also has 3 cemeteries where 1900 patients were buried in the over 100 years of operation.

Springtime in Athens

by leeshab 9. April 2012 16:15
Posted by Leesha Blake
Senior, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering

Athens has been so beautiful these last few weeks. It is so sunny and flowers are everywhere. Last weekend I went outside and cleaned up my back patio and my balcony. I also planted a bunch of flowers and put them on my balcony. When I was done, it was really nice to sit outside in the sun and read with my boyfriend.

I really hope the weather stays nice, because I have a lot planned for my weekends this quarter. At the end of this month, there is a triathlon in Athens in which my dad and brother are both going to participate. Then the weekend after that is Moms' weekend. My mom and I have a lot of fun stuff planned, like shopping at Easton and getting ready for graduation. My grandma is planning to visit one of these weekends too.

I’m also going to do some fun stuff with my friends. I am really hoping to get my senior ChemE class together for a cookout at Stroud’s Run as a kind of send-off before we graduate. A lot of students like to go there when the weather is nice. You can bring a grill and have a picnic, you can go swimming, and you can play volleyball with the nets they have set up along the beach.

Springtime in Athens is great, and I am really looking forward to enjoying it.

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