Post-graduation Plans

by evant 22. May 2012 22:16
Posted by Evan Teske
Senior, Industrial and Systems Engineering

Beginning winter quarter last year (my junior year), I took an entire year off from school to work an internship for Abbott Nutrition in Columbus, Ohio. It was a hard decision, as I knew I would be leaving behind many friends to graduate without me, and I felt at the time that I’d be on my own in a new city to make what I could of a job and to be successful.

After a couple months of interning, I was happy with my decision—-the experience I was having was incomparable to anything I had ever done. I was learning what an engineer does day to day, and I was interested and enthusiastic about the projects I was working on and the people I was working with. When I started, I knew I would put forth my best effort to succeed at the work I was given, and as my time there went on, I began to see results of my efforts. When it came time to time to interview for a permanent position with the company, I felt pride in my experience at OU in combination with the professional experience that my internship offered.

Beginning in July, I will start my first job out of school working for Abbott Laboratories in Chicago. The job I accepted is a position in their Manufacturing Professional Development Program, which is a two-year program for college graduates, working four six-month rotations in different positions in different divisions’ supply chains ranging from project-specific engineering roles to supervisory positions. I feel very fortunate to have this opportunity, and I am glad I had the encouragement and support to make the decision to leave and co-op last year, or else I’m not sure if I’d be in the same position today.

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